Who Are The Fools?

There is a new Ebola outbreak in Africa. This time the outbreak is in the Congo. It is growing because many local villagers have been convinced that Ebola is a hoax by the government. These uneducated villagers have killed health workers because they see them as conspirators who are trying to make money from this hoax. We know that many thousands of them will die as a result of their conspiracy thinking.

As I thought about this pending disaster occurring because these villagers refuse to believe real doctors and their own government, I couldn’t help but think about another looming disaster. Climate and mankind are changing our environment. Mankind’s activities have managed to wipe out thousands of species of plants and animals in the relatively short time we have occupied this planet. Scientists are warning of the pending disaster and are urging us to change our activities, but like those villagers in the Congo, a segment of our population believes its all a hoax; that someone is trying to make money from the hoax. As a result, they have “killed” any attempts to change course.

Amazing how we can see the foolishness of those Congolese villagers but are blind to our own foolishness.

Anthony B. Giardini


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