Thank you.

To my fellow Democratic activists and party members I want to thank you for your hard work during this 2019 campaign for city offices. I know, first hand, how contentious this election season has been. I also know that next year we will face a far more contentious General Election.  It is with this in mind that I ask all of you to be gracious on election night regardless of the outcome of these various races.

Next year we will have to be united as we try to convince independents and even some Republicans to unite behind our candidates for President and various county offices.

Things you say or do election night in celebration or in disappointment can cause hurt feelings unnecessarily. I ask that you avoid negative or antagonistic remarks.

Work hard this weekend to get voters out on Tuesday. Lets bring home winners in all our local elections. This is a warm up for 2020.

Anthony B. Giardini


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