I know several people who voted for President Trump. I do not consider any of them deplorable. One reason for their support of Trump was his willingness to speak his mind. They see that characteristic as strong, a breath of fresh air, in this politically correct, cancel culture of today’s society.

Rush Limbaugh has various insulting names for these liberals like cry babies, snowflakes and feminazis, to name a few. Trump created even more “nick names” as he campaigned for the presidency and now as he carries out his presidential duties.

The question I have for my conservative friends (and some democrats) who voted for the current president is how do you describe what we all witnessed at the White House “acquittal” party Trump held this past week?

What I heard sounded like a cry baby. The most “powerful” man in the world sounding weak and unable to handle any sort of criticism. The East Room of the White House filled with adoring fans, instead of responsible policy makers and elected representatives, cheering on a man who spent an hour complaining about everything in his life. This, after a morning prayer breakfast where the president, who claims to support religious freedom, questioned the faith of a member of his own party. And then this same man, who claims to support our “wonderful” military, fires a decorated Army officer for speaking out and an Ambassador for speaking up. Talk about the cancel culture. This tough, strong man who holds power and privilege beyond anything a college student or community activist could ever hope to have, reduced to a sniveling, thin skinned bully. Remarkable. Embarrassing.

Anthony B. Giardini