2019 Labor Activist of the Year, Glenn Loughrie

Congratulations, Glenn!

Glenn worked 42 years as a third generational Steelworker. He began his Union service as an Assistant Bargaining Unit Representative. Following that he served on the Executive Board of 1104 as their Recording Secretary for 12 years. He was appointed Union Safety Coordinator for Republic Steel, Co-chaired the Institute of Career Development, Chaired the Political Action Committee and was a member of the Political Action Committee, District 1 and Sub-District 4.

Glenn drafted a Legal Service Program so the 1104 membership could have access to affordable legal services. On behalf of the 1104 members, he raised thousands organizing many fundraising events and the Local donated 100% of the profits to area charities.

He represented Labor by successfully lobbying the area municipalities of Lorain, Amherst, and Sheffield Lake to adopt the “Buy American Resolution,” and secured passage of a resolution in opposition to Senate Bill 5 in the city of Amherst.

On the County level, he was elected Recording Secretary to the Lorain county AFI-CIO and 10 years later he was elected President of that organization. He also currently serves as an Executive Council Member of the North Coast Area Labor Federation.

He was a former Amherst City Councilman who served on the various committees for his community, a member of the Amherst Democrat Organization, and a member of the Lorain Black River Masonic Lodge.

His Scotch-Irish ancestry makes him opinionated, hardheaded, and seldom wrong. And he’s never backed down from a good fight to protect the rights of his Brothers and Sisters of Labor.


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