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Chairman’s Corner

Snowflakes and Other Crybabies

I know several people who voted for President Trump. I do not consider any of them deplorable. One reason for their support of Trump was his willingness to speak his mind. They see that characteristic as strong, a breath of fresh air, in this politically correct, cancel culture of today's society. Rush

February 10th, 2020|Categories: Chair's Corner|

Trump’s Accomplishments

The current president and his supporters list all of his accomplishments. Other than his promise to appoint conservative judges, President Trump has failed to keep any of his promises. The killing of Soleimani is just the latest example. Whether this Iranian general deserved to die or not is irrelevant. The killing was

January 10th, 2020|Categories: Chair's Corner|

Thank you Democratic activists and party members

To my fellow Democratic activists and party members I want to thank you for your hard work during this 2019 campaign for city offices. I know, first hand, how contentious this election season has been. I also know that next year we will face a far more contentious General Election.  It is

November 1st, 2019|Categories: Chair's Corner|