Anthony Giardini

In a recent letter to the Chronicle a gentleman from North Ridgeville made an argument that a lack of respect for life is the root cause of the random gun violence we have seen in the U.S. He cited the fact that women in the U.S are allowed to terminate a pregnancy and quoted Mother Teresa to cement his point that abortion is the root cause of this problem. Although the argument seems to make sense at first blush, it does not hold up under close scrutiny.

The first murder of a human being by another human being according to the Old Testament was when Kane killed Abel, his own brother. Roe v. Wade became the law in the U.S many thousands of years later. A woman’s right to choose had nothing to do with Kane’s decision to kill his own brother. Something else in human nature causes such conduct. This is further evidenced by the many atrocities which have occurred over the course of time. Long before abortion was legal, Hitler carried out his atrocities. Roe v Wade was decided 30 years later and violent video games came 20 years after that decision. Some of the worst mass killings occur in Muslim majority countries where abortion is absolutely forbidden.

No sir, we cannot lay the blame on the laps of women, many of whom are outstanding mothers, especially since most atrocities are committed by men. Men have and will always kill for no reason… even their own brother. Taking away weapons which allow these men to kill 9 people in 30 seconds with police officers only a few feet away, is one step we can and must take because we are not going to ever fix man’s propensity toward violence. The problem is not Roe v. Wade. It’s Kane v. Abel. And the NRA v. Society.

Anthony B. Giardini


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