Democracy Requires Engagement

Democracy Requires Engagement

The Mueller report is out and predictably Trump’s supporters see vindication while anti-Trump folks see it as an indictment (pun intended) of his presidency. To be sure the evidence recited in the report is, as Senator Romney stated, “sickening”. But those sickening facts about Trump and his administration have been known for many months. And Russia’s interference in the campaign was known before the 2016 election took place.

It does not matter, nor should it, that Russian bots were putting out “fake news” stories on social media designed to bring out the worst in us. What alarms me and I hope all Americans, is that we are so disengaged with what is really happening in our nation or we are so convinced of our ideological positions, that we would believe and then act upon the disinformation spread by Russian operatives.

As Americans, we were born or naturalized into the greatest experiment of a secular democracy the world has ever known. It is a gift. We may disagree on how to improve this gift, but I hope we agree that the one sure way to lose it, is for us to disengage from it. Far too many Americans have refused to learn the issues of government. A majority of us do not even vote… These “lazy” Americans have all sorts of excuses, but blaming the Russians is just plain foolish. If you want to keep your gift then read the Mueller report yourself instead of relying on CNN or Fox employees. More importantly, read news from actual news sources, draw your own conclusions and then vote. Or prepare to live like a Russian citizen.

Anthony B. Giardini


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